Looking for Pro-Bono Web Design Project


It's a dream come true. 

I'm going to flex my web design skills gained over the past 6 years and develop a beautiful and gorgeous website for one lucky winner. No hidden buttons, baubles, or strings attached!

There are a few stipulations:

  1. You should have a strong mission and be a brand/person/organization that is socially conscious and good.
  2. You will be paying the annual domain and hosting fee, the development comes free. 😇
  3. You will have three meetings with me:
    1. Pre-development; where we decide the creative direction of the website and get our ducks in a row
    2. Mid-development; I walk you through the wireframes and put the Google Drive in your court as far as content goes
    3. Launch; Training, gawking in awe at your stunning new website!

Strike your fancy?

Email hello@nickfrench.me and I will review and select the winner on May 1st, 2018.

Good luck, and don't muck it up! 


Nicholas FrenchComment